Is Tow-In Surfing Cool?

You be the judge.  I say YES.  This video is easily one of the coolest big-wave surf videos I’ve ever seen…and I’m not alone. The video has been viewed over 5 MILLION times. It’s totally real. The wave’s about 60 feet high. Surfer is a real guy – Mike Parsons. Name of the wave is – aptly – Jaws.

It lives in Hawaii.

2 thoughts on “Is Tow-In Surfing Cool?

  1. secretwave101

    There’s all kinds of stuff that can happen to people who surf waves like this. They can get thrown down so deep so fast that they blow out both eardrums and come up to the surface deaf and bleeding out of their ears. Or they can get smashed into the sharp coral reef that is often pretty close to the surface. Heard of a surfer who destroyed both knees at the same time. People lose teeth, heads…lives.

    Surprising thing however: Most injuries happen in surf <2 ft high. The problem with big wave surfing is that when an injury does occur, its usually pretty serious.


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