Medical Case


A 44 year old man came to our clinic today with a description of chest pain, mostly on the left side. He says it’s been ongoing for about 4 months.

He arrived in Athens about two weeks ago, with plans to head to Germany in another week. He was seen last week at a Doctors of the World clinic in town for the same problem.

He says they gave him the above EKG, told him he was having a heart attack, and sent him out the door with 10 pills of Prilosec and instructions to go to “the hospital.”

Due to money restrictions, lack of transportation, minimal confidence in, and maximal confusion from, his interaction with his Greek-speaking doctor, he did not go to the hospital. He instead came to our clinic 4 days later, worried he was dying from a heart attack.

How would you handle this?

One thought on “Medical Case

  1. Tami

    4 months of chest pain with elevated ST. I am used to being spoiled by all the convinces of modern technology, so ideally I would think cath lab for a PCI. However, understanding limitations of his predicament, perhaps Asa & b-blocker with an ACE inhibitor or an ARB would be the best medical management. Let us know how it turns out. I would love to know what you do for him. And he’s lucky to have found you!!!


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