Exactly how lame is it to sign a contract to work for an organization…then back out of it before you even start working?

Pretty lame?

Just plain ‘ol lame?

Monster freak-out you’re a loser from hell lame?

Well, whatever you pick…I did that.

My travails in choosing a job after residency have thus far not been chronicled because each interview, etc seemed like it should be kept confidential.  Plus, even for those like myself with a bent toward terminal honesty, you just end up saying things in interviews that don’t often match – perfectly – with reality.

“Dude, this practice is the coolest thing since the ice machine.  Pu-leeaze let me work here.”

“Frankly, your clinic is the Jay-SUS Christ of the medical industry.  Where do I sign up.”

My job search took very close to a year.  We have finally decided where we’re going.  It’s final.  And I’ve left a good number of torqued interviewers in my wake.  

My coup de grace came when I actually signed a frequently-negotiated contract.  I signed it.  Done.  I’m there.  You got me.  Landed the fish.  I’m in.

Then something better showed up and – per the contract – I’ve just given my 6 week notice of resignation.  No mention in said contract about whether or not he 6 week notice is enforcable when I haven’t even started working yet…but just for good measure, I gave the notice.

They hate me.

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