Guantanamo Quote

In response to America’s befuddling fearfulness at the thought of putting Guantanamo inmates in U.S. jails so they can actually have a trial:

“Nobody escapes from maximum-security prisons. But even if they did, who would you rather have on the lam in your neighborhood — a native of Afghanistan whose history suggests an affinity for jihad? Or a resident of your own state whose history suggests an affinity for breaking into people’s houses, tying them up and torturing them?” Gail Collins – NYTimes

America is less safe than you think. 

And MUCH less free.  Nobody – ever, anywhere – should be held by Americans for years without a fair trial.  Some don’t even have charges yet.  Who in their right minds still believes in that ‘Land of the Free’ blather?

4 thoughts on “Guantanamo Quote

  1. Joan Hogan

    You want maybe to let those prisoners vote on where they want to be incarcerated?
    And what will be done with the empty multi million dollar structure called Gitmo? Maybe every member of Congress who votes for a bill they have not completely read could get an extended stay there!!! They’re pretty dangerous to the country too!!! I think I know your response SW101…why confuse them more by making them read the bills!


  2. We should not be willing to put soldiers’ lives “in harm’s way,” all the while touting that tired verbiage about how they are fighting for, and somehow defending, “our way of life” and “our values,” when we are equally willing to knowingly destroy those tenets that actually do form the basis of who we are — which is most clearly exhibited in our justice system.

    If we decide to trump the primacy of individual innocence or guilt determined through fair trials and habeus corpus with some artificial notion of group criminal contagion… there is nothing left to defend — certainly nothing left for which to die — and the good soldiers can just all return stateside now.

    Propogating what is unconstitutional leaves us all bereft of the beauty and challenge of that document.

    My, I seem to be spouty hoity-toity prose today… I could have just agreed with the initial post.


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