Swine Flu UPDATE!!!

Deaths from swine flu world-wide:  Approx 147

Death from normal flu every year in the U.S. alone: nearly 36,000

It would be nice if the media kept it in perspective. 

The concern at the WHO and CDC is that the virus is a novel strain combining elements of human, swine and bird influenzas that humans MAY not have any natural immunity to.  But so far there’s no evidence that the virus is particularly virulent or more deadly than boring, non-newsy, every day  influenza.

So, it’s too soon to worry much. 

Wear your seatbelt.  Eat your vegetables.  Do the usual, proven, stuff  if you really want to protect yourself from bad things. 

Oh, and go ahead and ignore Joe Biden’s advice to avoid airplanes and subways.  What a tool.  If you really want to protect yourself…I’d avoid him.

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