SMS Post

Prostate screening (rectal exam and blood PSA test) is not proven to detect cancer early, but can lead to false-positives and major surgery. So why do we do it?

One thought on “SMS Post

  1. Incroyable! Unbelievable! La Belle Bianca has, of course, no prostate, but loves — jusqu’à la mort — those who do…

    Just yesterday evening (le 30 juillet), NBC Nightly News featured reporter George Lewis and his battle with prostate cancer. The segment closed with him touting the necessity of the PSA and the digital rectal exam.

    Also thrown into the chasm of confusion? The recent studies allowing that monthly self breast exams are essentially useless…

    Que faut-il faire, donc? What is one to do? We, zeee ignorant masses, are going to be left with a sense of helplessness! Sacré bordel!


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