SMS Post

Amazing how many people say they can’t afford insulin (or meds) but they have cell phones, cable TV and regularly eat fast food. Tough not to be judgemental.

One thought on “SMS Post

  1. Family Med Resident

    I too get frustrated. My patients do face a lot of economic challenges, but it sometimes gets frustrating when they say they don’t have $5 for a prescription co-pay but their nails are costing them $20-30 every 2 weeks and their hairdos cost at least $100, and they have the newest cell phones that would not be consistent with my budget as a resident. I also see people taking cabs places when the bus or subway would get them there for a lot cheaper.

    Sometimes I think we should offer people classes on money management to help them prioritize. There’s a difference between something you *want* (ie fancy nails, cell phones, cable TV, new clothes) and something you *need* (ie medications, home phone, electricity, water, heat). I learned that in my early 20s but many of my patients still haven’t learned it in their 50s.


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