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It has been said that people dislike HRC because she is a woman, etc.  I’ve always found this insulting, having been raised by a single mom who was smart, strong and capable of running a business quite well. I’m a fan of Margaret Thatcher. I would be happy to see a woman in the Oval Office.

Just not Hilary. 

I dislike her because I think she is deceptive. I also think she is short on true, creative ideas.  The “change” moniker, for example, showed up in New Hampshire after she was flattened by Obama who had been focusing on this theme from the beginning.  Furthermore, the “experience” thing is completely disingenuous.  White House furniture-picker is not experience.  Watching her husband weather Republican attacks is not “beating them”.  Nearly destroying American health care – her only real executive excperience – is rightfully quite distanced from her stump speech resume.

Ultimately, I believe Hilary Clinton is primarily motivated by power, and has been since before she married Bill.  I don’t want a control freak running the country, I want a public servant. Here’s a pretty good video that also makes my point:

One thought on “Clinton Video

  1. maryblu

    I fully agree! I grew up pretty much the same I hope that the first female president is someone my granddaughter can look up to and that person is not Hillary!

    Another thought I’ve had is that if Obama wins, no make that WHEN Obama wins he will lead the way for ANY women of any race to become president!


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