Up To Speed

A few years ago, I realized that HTML and web-design was a learnable skill that was within my reach. It took some work, but eventually I was creating my own sites and uploading them to the web, etc. Back then, most average computer users didn’t really know how to do that. So I was ahead of the game a bit.

These days, I’d say the equivalent of personal web sites 10 years ago is the MySpace, Blogger, Facebook, RSS, MP3 thing. For me, coming from a time when I controlled every pixel in my web pages, the meddling of these sites is annoying and requires a new learning curve. The RSS feeds of digital info was in infancy back then.

So, after about a 5-year hibernation, the web has changed around me again. While these changes were happening, I was desperately trying to survive medical school and dreaming up the goal of writing a novel. Yeah, the old-school method of latter-day communication. Words on a page.

It seems to me that media is nowhere near the end of its morph. Just today the NYTimes ran an article about how the major music labels lost 20% of their profit this past year. Many people believe they lost out because they’ve been stupid in adapting to the changes that the internet is bringing to their profession. I agree. And I think publishing isn’t far behind.

So, I’ve got some audio editing software (Audacity), and I’m working on my first MP3, which will hopefully become my first podcast. We’ll see if I can garner a following. We’ll see if this goes anywhere at all. In the end, I can say it’s a fun process, never mind the result.

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