I’m getting the studying in line. Today I’ve worked harder than I did yesterday. I’m still starting much later than I’d like, but the discipline is growing. Given that I hate to study with a capital -ATE, it’s always hard to sit down and make myself do it. But today I worked hard through some really good questions and then even jogged for about a half-hour. Studying then jogging, now I’ll study some more by going over the questions I worked on today….that’s TWO things that my body initially rebels against but eventually plays along with.

I think studying this time around is easier than it ever has been largely because I can see that the end is in sight. More importantly, I truly believe I’ll pass. I’ve never felt this confident about a board exam before. But this time, I just feel ready to take this sucker to the mattresses, so to speak. The gold ring of victory after so many years of toil and failure is within my reach. I finally can see it. Nothing’s getting in my way now. I’ve worked too hard and come too far. I’ve given everything to this effort; more than I thought I had. And this test will not be holding me back. Period.

Here’s a cool pic I like:

From a long time ago now, but still my favorite pic of any I have taken. 

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