Although I don’t miss the family thing, now that it’s over, I REALLY miss spending time with Greg. One great thing about him is that he is happy just going along with whatever is happening. This allows me to not feel like he need to be entertained. Yesterday, I watched all 3 girls for Christina and decided to take them to a park. Greg appeared in the living room with his coat on, hoping to come along. Such a cool friend. Loves to just be around. My more official brother rarely is this way. If it isn’t something he wants to do, he isn’t there for it.

I also find that I’m re-playing our surf trip to the OR coast the other day frequently in my head. We spent too much time driving around looking for the perfect place, instead of just staying at the first place we went (which turned out to be the place where we actually surfed, but only after 2 hours of more driving and searching). But I loved the trip anyway. We hung out. Talked. Joked. Told stories. Looked for surf perfection. For a few short hours, we were together again and totally unfettered by obligations and responsibilities. My cell phone didn’t work. I’d forgotten my watch. It was a day of pure living.

Now I’m “studying”. Obviously, I’m taking a study break at the moment. But I really am getting back into the world of memorization for survival. It’s a practice I genuinely detest these days…especially after so many years of doing it. I’m shut away in the boiler room of the house, surrounded by grey cement walls, curling copper pipes and an intermittantly roaring heater. It’s a great place to study. It WOULD be a great place to write out all the books and stories stuck in my head if I had the time. But it’s devoid of windows or life of any kind and will be a little oppressive by the end of this study streak. For now, it works for what I must do. I’m happier when I’m busy and moving. Preferably moving outside, but anywhere is better than immobility. For the next 10 days, I will be the pride of slugs and sloths.

Here’s some recent pics:

The mist hanging in the air is from the waves exploding on the beach. BIG waves.&nbsp

Here’s a view of the beach.

That spray behind the wave is probably almost 15 feet in the air, and flying out behind it at least twice that far. It’s created by the offshore winds blowing directly into the face of the wave. If you pull out of a wave before it crashes, you will be right in the middle of that spray – it feels like you’re in a giant rainstorm. 

Here’s Greg, showing the way… 

All those dark lines will soon be huge waves. 

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